Prep Provider for Level 3?

Hey guys. Just cleared Level 2 this June and was thinking about getting my notes for the next level soon to avail of any early bird discounts that maybe there. I’ve used Kaplan all the way till here and it has worked wonders for me. Loved their way of teaching and presentation. But word around the block is that Level 3 is a whole other thing. Should I still persist with Kaplan?

If you liked Schweser, then there is no reason why you should change it for L3. There are lot of people here who strongly advice Schweser for L3.

I am a strong proponent of using CFAI texts for L3 though!

Between, congratz on your result :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton! Will probably go do that. I’ve always tried to do it through the CFAI texts, but end up ditching it midway and jump back to Schweser purely on account of volume. So I think I’ll do the same again! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Vijay

I want prep provider also with the CFAI books, but didn’t find anything except schweser and finquiz.

I don’t know about finquiz but I highly doubt it can replace schweser.

I didn’t like Schweser alot for level II (it was much better for level I). So I will read it to review only

If you know other prep providers for level III please let me know

I didn’t like Schweser as much for Level 3 and suggest you review the CFA curriculum before taking the exam. I felt like Schweser didn’t do a good job preparing me for the structure of the exam. You should be taking plenty of CFA Institute issued past exams and answer all questions in the CFA curriculum.