PREP provider selection

Hi guys… It seems the amount of material for L2 is enormous…I guess any1 who took these exams before has the same view. Would you recommend studying with WILEY or SCHWESER? If yes,then whats ur views; 1.which is better 2.quality of study notes similar are the questions to the actual exams Also,i suffered a lot with FRA at level 1,have poor accounting wud u recommend i study fra in curriculum or with prep provider material. Thanks to share your views,i am having a hard time decide to choose study materials.

Hey Robwhatever,

One needes f**g 600 dollars to get Schweser Notes on top of not f**g 700 dollars for CFA Institute. How many candidates would have spent f***g 600 dollars on Wiley products on top of that? Given that Wiley was called Elan till last year who f**g never released books on time anyway? Now you claim to pass level I, use your understanding of f**g probability to calculate how many candidates meet the above criteria and then multiply that with the f**g probability of those candidates being on this forum?

Well that escalated quickly!

I studied with Wiley for 4 months from Feb-June and failed band 7. Studied like crazy. My only experience with Schweser were 3 Mock exams which I thought were very helpful and plan to use them again (although I scored mid-70s on said mocks but still failed). As for Wiley I felt the videos help me along with there summarized notes (although I did find multiple errors). Wiley’s mock exam’s had good content but poor quaility IMO. When I got to the exam I was surprised with how many “big picture” questions there were that I believe the CFAI material would best prepare you to answer.

This next go around I’m placing more weight on the CFAI readings and using 3rd party for practice questions and mocks. Only downside of this startegy is that I have to start much sooner. Then again some old school cats swear by only using Schweser so to each there own

Schweser. Studied mid-march to June and passed first time. Used schweser for all three levels 3/3. Always get the versions with q-bank and make sure you use the CFAI EOC questions and mock exams as well.

Thanks Bachatero and Ramos! Guess I’ll stick to Schweser and CFAI where required + the EOC. Getting lots of bad feedback on Wiley’s schedule as well.

Many thanks for your views guys :wink:


Probablity of ppl studying with different prep providers during the course of their study: Very significant

Probability of a chubakkah like u to understand what the above probability actually means: Zero

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