Prep Questions for final 6 weeks - EOCs vs Mocks vs Q-bank etc.

Hello all,

I’ve recently completed doing a full reading and quick review of all the material via Schweser textbooks and want to begin doing practice questions.

Considering that there are about 6 weeks left, any suggestions on which questions I should focus on? Since there is not enough time to do the 6 schweser and 1 CFA mock exams, the CFA EOCs, the Schweser Q-bank, and the CFA topic tests posted on the website - I was wondering if anyone would have any guidance on which questions should be prioritized.

Appreciate any help and guidance! Thanks.

Definitely agree with the above. The topic tests provided in the Candidate Resources are a fantastic tool, make sure that you work through them. They’re quite tough at times, but an excellent way to gauge how you’re positioned.

The Schweser practice exams are fairly straightforward relative to the official materials. In my experience though the CFAI preparatory resources (including the mock) were a bit harder than the actual exam.

The way that I would approach it from now:

Do a full mock exam immediately.

Review any questions that you get wrong; make sure that you understand the explanations for the correct answers.

For any particularly weak topics, revisit your notes and hammer out a quick run through the CFAI EOCs/BBs, as well as topic tests.

Next mock exam.

Rinse and repeat.

Best of luck for the next few weeks!

I thought the QBank is highly useful at this point, going straight to mock would be difficult? I mean I plan on doing mocks in May, I just finished reading. I thought doing some Qbank question will refresh my memory and get me ready for mocks? Do you agree?

Thanks all! I will be doing all the topic tests first before I move on to mocks.