Prep time - Dec 2010 repeat exam

Hi All, Band nine in June so have an okay understanding of material. Just wondering what amount of time other repeat Dec 2010 candidates are devoting to the upcoming exam. I signed up, but in hindsight should not have, work has taken over any spare time I thought I would have. I have only got through Econ, Ethics, Derv & Alt - I am kidding myself at this stage -right?

I don’t mean to be a downer, but unless you can put in 5+ hours a day I don’t think you stand a snowballs chance in hell.

MrAndMatt Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I don’t mean to be a downer, but unless you can > put in 5+ hours a day I don’t think you stand a > snowballs chance in hell. I dont think you have a clue. 5+ hours a day is overkill for someone who got band 9 in june. I would say look at what you got under 70% in june and really drive on those subjects, and lightly review the ones you did well on.

Well then apparently level 1 is a piece of cake and I shouldn’t worry. I’m just being realistic. If he wants to pass he needs to put in the hours. He said he has an okay understanding of the material, but it was not okay enough to pass the exam in June. My advice is to stop slacking off and bunker down if you truly want to pass the exam and go on to get your CFA.

MrAndMAtt - I hear you but when I said okay understanding I was perhaps being a little modest. I got below 50% in Econ, Derv & Alt but before the exam I was killing these sections. CFAcountry - yep that’s what I am doing, targeting my three poor sections. MrAndMatt - I wish I was slacking off, 70+ hour work weeks, six month old son - sleep what’s that? Thanks for the input guys - hopefully work calms down and I can put in at least three hours during the week and do monster weekends.

Work and family responsibilities have to come first, that’s understandable. Right now I am working around 40 hours a week and do no have kids, so it is definitly easier for me to find time to study. I would say keep targeting your poorer sections, but remember to focus on the weights of the exam. I would suggest doing as many practice problems as possible in order to better prepare for the econ, derv, and alt section. Maybe invest in Schweser QBank? Good luck, didn’t mean to sound like a hard ass, but there have been so many of these posts lately that it has gotten on my nerves. I hope you do well not only for yourself, but also for your son. Good luck.

Kudos to you guys with kids.