Preparation for L3 from March (and with a job...)

Hi guys, I know that many people had (and will have) my same problem. I’m planning to use Schweser and I want to study only during w/e. What products should I order? I don’t want to spend unnecessary money for things I’m not going to use :wink: Thanks!

are you real?

Ehm… yes :wink: Why? Too ambitious/crazy?

well, starting in March and studying only during weekends, preferably Schweser only requires a lot of luck…browse a bit through the posts during last spring and have a look at the famous post written by cat060 I have upped a few times

Three months to study? Highly unlikely that you will pass. I don’t want to sound like an a$$ but in my opinion that is just not enough. But if you have to, Schweser is your best bet…and dedicate the last two weekends to exams.

of course you CAN pass. just don’t expect to sleep and you will have to take off some work.

Here is the misunderstanding: I’m not planning to use Schweser only :slight_smile: I believe that during my studies I came across a huge portion of the curriculum, thus I don’t feel I’ll need to read again and again to memorize the LOS. Schweser is only supposed to help me with retaining the concepts. I just want to know where should I spend my money: study notes, MP3, QBank, etc

Study notes.

I used Qbank to drill the curriculum during office hours I used my own notes and Schweser notes to go over the material again and again and I listened to the audio tapes during my commute (I drive) to drill the qualitative parts - I found the audio tapes much more appropriate for L3 than for L2

Thanks all :wink: I think I’ll get QBank and MP3.

oh and, study however you want - Schweser, your own notes, Secret Sauce etc but just make sure to go through ALL assigned probs at least once