Preparation for Level I 2020 June

Hi guys,

Can I use IFT 70+ 2019 package to study for 2020, or should I wait for new content.

If so what are the differences between 2019 and 2020 curriculum.

OP: You damn well better ignore this advice. Under no circumstances should you ever use outdated CFA curriculum materials to study for these exams. They change readings around every year, and the questions selected for the 2020 exam will be formulated from the 2020 LOS’s and NOT the 2019 version.

If you’re serious about passing these exams you’ll pony up the $300.00 for new books.

End. Of. Story.

LBJDL , What does it exactly mean “Major revision” in the file you linked? tnx

CEO10K- DAY , don’t we receive free digital materials once we sign up for the exam?

As far as I know, IFT videos for level 1 are free. So start with the unchanged video contents now until updated videos are released. But use updated curriculum or third party notes to read.