Preparation left..CFA Level 3

Hi guys…

i am full time working , slow reader and left with 2 books(5,6) in CFAI curriculum… This has started demotivating me thz days… but i have covered AM questions from past years papers for the topics that i have done.

Anyone ,who is still left with CFAI/scheweser content as a first time read? How are you dealing with revision/Mocks?

Can anyone suggest what should be the ideal startegy this time ?

Can anyone help?

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I fully believe that 90% of passing the CFA exam is being able to cut through the sheer largess of the junk that they throw at you and focus on the core fundamentals. They try to cull the weak-hands by causing them to panic with cheap tricks, noise and nonsense … you didnt get to level III by being weak. Just focus on what’s important and stop panicking; you’ll be fine.

I’m about to finish my second to last study guide. Saved the stuff I know well for the end so I’m only reviewing key concepts section and doing EOC/Self-Tests. I’m actually ahead of schedule relative to Level I and II. I’ll go through a walk-through example if I really don’t know something.

Personally, I think just reading the material is a waste of time. Maybe some people can absorb this way but I either need to outline the chapter (too tedious) or learn through doing questions open book. Just get through the key concepts then drill tests … you’ll pick up the fluff (90% of the content provided) just by drilling exams. I like to do the first couple of mocks open book. Then I start doing closed book a couple weeks before the exam. Worked out for me so far.

Good luck.

I still haven’t covered Ethics and GIPs, and only plan on doing them in May. Currently going through my 2nd read of Schweser and CFAI EOCs (1st time) and it’s as if I’d nevere even read that material, nothing seems to have stuck. Revision’s taking an awfully long amount of time.

I’ll be done with the 2nd read and all of EOCs by mid-May, and then targetting the last two weeks for mocks. Do you guys think that should save me?

how did you guys get the past year exams please?

I have finished book 5 and 6 recently. And I must say, it includes a lot of bla bla bla that is not directly related to Learning Objectives. Therefore, I think studying side by side with the Learning Objectives will allow you to “cut through the sheer largess of the junk”, as cbjohn1 said.

I read Schwesers and then tried taking the EOCs but was totally lost. So went through each EOC and added to my notes from Schwersers all the stuff that was not covered or I didn’t udnerstand properly. I feel like there are some big differences. Now I am doing EOCs again based on those revised notes. Will do mocks starting next weekend until exam day. 1st few will be open book tests so I can add/correct my notes and last 3 or 4 will be closed books. I have skipped Ethics and GIPs so far. Will do those sometime in May.

Same, best to leave Ethics and GIPS for last and use my cognitive energies for the harder topics right now.