Preparation tips

Hi friends, Does anyone of you know about preparation tips from successful candidates like which study notes they used, how didi they prepare etc. Is Shweser’s package enough in preparing for the exam. Do we need to do extensive reading as a part of preparation.

Hi, I have asked seniors and also professor from my classes,that reading Shweser your concepts should be clear and in case u don understand particular things from there then go through the core book for that particular topic.In case you do everything from the core book;revising would take a lot of time ,hence Shweser is enough if ur concepts get clear from that book. Thanks

anandashar, Thanks. Thats good news. So this means for any conceptual issues, Ill goto the library and borrow the older GARP Handbook …concepts should be the same if I find the same topic in the older book. To add, I have also heard the Handbook is not an easy read.

Hi Salz, For conceptual doubts, u will have to see the core book which is the broader version of handbook that FRM is providing. Handbook is jus t like the last minute revision type book or for reference of formulas. Thanks