Prepare CFA L1 Dec 2014 with Schweser 2013 books?

Hi everyone,

I have the 2013 CFA Schweser books, is it enough to prepare the level 1 exam or should I buy the new version of Schweser ?


I purchased the Premium Plus Package and the SchweserNotes have copyrights for 2013. They haven’t been updated.

The ones I have have copyrights for 2012. It has been published in 2012 for CFA 2013

Do you mean you have the 2012 guides? For econ at least, the 2014 and 2012 books are vastly different.

I know someone who just took Level I this June and used Kapaln Schweser materials from a year or two ago. He compared it by page length to someone with the latest version and there was I believe a five page difference between his and the latest version.


At level 1, Schweser is the best and perfect to prepare for the exam. I think you dont’ need to buy new ones because most of knowledge will be the same. It’s waste your money if you buy new one. You could update the new areas in the 2014 curriculum.

I have this version :

Fixed Income has some pretty significant updates in the curriculum from 2013 vs 2014. May be worth leveraging CFAI for that piece at least.

Thanks for your comments, I finally got the Schweser ebooks 2014.