Prepare Dec. exam using 2006 notes

I have been preparing for the Dec. exam using 2006 notes. A little nervous now… Will I miss many new/changed LOS in the 2007 curriculum? SCHWeser claims there is 40% turn-over in reading assignments. Any suggestions? Thanks…

You will probably miss a few questions on the exam because you don’t have the right material, so you should be even more well prepared. If 90% of the questions carry over from last year, to get a 70%, you need to get a 78% on that 90% that you covered.

chess- take a look at the econ section LOS’s for 2007- some stuff is different there- i’d take the time to check out those vs your '06 notes. Besides that (I failed in Dec 06 but passed in June and had both Schweser notes), Corp Governance was in Ethics in 2006 but is now part of FSA in 2007- you probably will see 3 or 4 questions on that, so don’t ignore those easy ones (golden parachutes and little memorization things like that)… FSA was almost identical and it’s the biggest part of the test. Ethics is similar but read the handbook- that goes for all of you- it’s free online, you can find it, read it the week before the test, study those examples and know the answers because you’ll see them again. FI very similar, derivatives/alt investments/PM very similar. honestly, if you know your 06 stuff, you should be fine. I would suggest trying to find yourself some notes on the 07 econ though- that’s the 1 section that might burn you if you’re on old notes alone and don’t have much of an econ background. good luck all- it’s crunch time! start taking practice tests soon!