Prepare for CFA Level II

Hey guys,

I wanted some advice since I am going to start preparing for my CFA Level II in October. I am using Schweser as my main guide, but I will also be going over the blue boxes of the curriculum and the EOCs. I completed level I a couple of years ago. Does anyone has a suggestion on the number of hours to prepare for the exam?

I have heard that Schweser’s material does not covered ethics that well. Is there any other section that I should directly from the curriculum?


Probably about 1.21 Pluto hours, as one Pluto year is 248 Earth years. Is Pluto still a planet? I can’t keep up anymore…

Come to think of it, you’ll need to expend 1.21 gigawatts of energy too!! Holy dooley.

My plan is:

  1. Finish the first reading (Kaplan notes and CFAI EOCs) by October 25th.

  2. Finish all Topic Tests by November 26

  3. Finish Kaplan Question bank by 27 December

  4. Listen to video lectures up till 10 January

  5. Kaplan Mocks 60 questions (3 editions) daily up till 15 February

  6. Re-do the Curriculum EOCs up till 17 March

  7. Attempt all CFAI bluebox examples and re-read key areas in Kaplan notes up till 6 April

  8. Review my formular worksheet up till 11 April

  9. Attempt all Topic Tests for the second time up till 26 April

  10. Re-do the EOCs for the 3rd time up till 11 May

  11. Attempt the CFAI Mocks up till 15 May

  12. Take exam conditioned mocks up till 23 May

  13. Study Kaplan’s secret sauce up till 28 May

  14. Do a final re-assessment and topic by topic review up till 1 June.

As of today, I have 276 days to go, a full time job and I don’t want to ‘rush-read’ in periods leading to the exam.