Preparing for Economics Book 3

I got loads of time on my shoulders this week. So I plan to study 8-10 hours per day for like 5 days. Can I finish the Book 3 - Economics in that much time? Provided I have done macroeconomics and microeconomics in my degree study. Kindly add. Thanks

yes, i did econ in 5 days, but i did 12 hrs a day with beer breaks @ night. no econ background except for one grad class. you should be fine. hit up FSA soon after that, it is a skull crusher

Yeah it is quite possible. I got through economics in about six days running about 5 hours a day at it (had done macro and micro before in classes). The big thing will be how much of the stuff you can remember from you courses. If you can actually sit down and do 8 hours of study in a day you will get it done in no time at all, but I can’t sit for 8 hours and actually have it sink in at the end - I am sort of limited to 5-6 hours before the rule of very much diminishing returns comes to kick my A$$. Bets of luck

I love econ…

Thanks guys. Well Ive done FSA and Quant + Ethics. So looking forward to complete the rest of the 3 books in a month!