Prepping for Ethics w/o Qbank..

Hello everyone, I FINALLY got through all 5 Schweser study volume today, with my last read being Ethics. I have tried the 50 Schweser concept checker questions, and I did not do very well, although i took several days reading the codes. I plan to scan through the CFAI ethics portion and also try its review questions, but after having done that, and having gone through CFAI ethics self-exam (online), is there any other resource available that can help me prep for ethics or do you think this would be enough? The reason I ask is because I find these questions rather tricky, trickier than calculating questions because I am so damn indecisive and I have no idea which one to go with. When I was going through the 50 Concept checker questions, I think I guessed on almost all of them, without knowing if I picked the right answer. And for the questions I could not get, I went back to the relevant codes and read the scenarios once again, and even then still got some of them wrong. I do realize ethics is a big portion on this exam and would like to prepare well for it, although I do not own extra study materials such as Q-bank. So how are you guys preparing for Ethics? 36 questions is a lot… Thanks in advance

I prepared by: 1. Reading the Standards of Practice handbook (a relatively thin book with lots of examples of Ethics problems) 2. Reading the CFAI chapters (it’s not that many pages) 3. Taking the CFAI FREE Ethics self-exam. I got 82%–that kind of gave me *some* confidence. How many of these 3 have you done? I’m still considering whether to invest USD600 for that Schweser basic solution–but I’ve still got time (June 2009).

you are writing in june and you’ve already done those? golly

Where can I find this CFAI Ethics Self-Exam?

Hi, The link to that exam, and other CFA-related links, can be found under my delicious account here: HTH,