Present value?!?!

Hi all,

I am taking level 2 on Sunday with the rest of you folks on here. Does anyone have a trick to remember when to divide by (1+r) and when to multiply by (1+r)??? I’m having the hardest time trying to remember all of these formulas.

this is a joke, haha i get it

Sorry, I meant Saturday…

yeah, divide by 1+r on sunday and multiply by 1+r on saturday.

but don’t worry, they let you use formula sheet - as long as it fits on one page (or was that 1 + r pages?)


yes. My suggestion is to muliply when you are supposed to multiply and divide when you are supposed to divide. This method works well when applied to addition and subtraction as well. This has a corollary too: use the right formula for the right problem.

Your golden.

repeat this as well. Jag Kan Klara det har provet