Presidential peaks

A campaign to rename a Nevada mountain after Ronald Reagan is gathering pace. Why are Americans so fond of naming peaks after their presidents?

  • The Presidential Range in New Hampshire includes mountains named after John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Dwight Eisenhower, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Franklin Pierce, and George Washington
  • California, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington each has a Mount Lincoln. Colorado has two
  • There are Mount Jeffersons in Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Virginia, which also has a Jefferson Mountain
  • Virginia also has a Mount Jackson and Washington a Mount Adams
  • Zachary Taylor lent his name to a mountain in New Mexico
  • Vermont has a Mount Grant
  • Canada has mountains named after Chester Arthur and Franklin D Roosevelt Mount Eisenhower in Alberta reverted to Castle Mountain, its original name, a decade after his death

Beats me. I didn’t realize that wasn’t normal in other countries.

I did hear that a lot of the New England exploration (New Hampshire, etc) was politically driven for either campaigns or funded by state governments, so maybe that had something to do with it. Also, we’re a young country, so a lot of the peaks were probably climbed only in the last 150 years in the act of exploring the nation, and so had sort of a national pride aspect in the naming. Part of the manifest destiny or whatever. I don’t know, these are just conjectures.

Cheaper than building monuments.

I’ll care about presidential peaks when we have a female president.

Eh. There are a lot of mountains in North America. If 5% are named after the (supposedly) most important government figure, that doesn’t seem like too much. My issue is that so many things are named after the same Presidents. What city does not have Lincoln and Washington streets? It’s not like those other guys just sat around holding their junk.

Even Hillary Clinton?

But one of your very recent presidents was known for putting his junk in his intern’s hands/mouth

One time sexual indiscretion does not really impair Clinton’s image to me. However, it does make me question his decision making ability - if he could use his power and influence to be fellated, he should have chosen an attractive person.

Hillary does not meet the criteria of being female.

I think during one of the testimonials POTUS stated that his entire fetish was to get a bj from a whitehouse aide, regardless of appearance all that mattered was that the person was the white house intern. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction…

I don’t understand why my buddies Carter and Coolidge always get ignored…

One time? Seriously?

Maybe one time a day.

I believe there is an unwritten rule that a modern day President must win reelection (2 terms) to have something of consequence named after him.

Simple answer: if you don’t like this country, then gtfo.

2 terms or rusty hacksaw

No kidding. Clinton was an Equal Opportunity pussyhound. Young, old, fat, slim, white, black, didn’t matter.

Probably still is unless his heart bypass surgeries have slowed him down. Read Primary Colors.

Mount Palin. Oh yeah, you bet I would summit that b*tch.

Actually on second thought, we should rename canyons after women presidents.

Guided tours of Palin’s grand canyon. That doesn’t sound right.