Pressing: Advice regarding job interview

Dear All, A job advertisement had the follwoing requirement “Create and maintain updated investment files” and i’ve been called for an interview. Would u plz guide me how to get samples of the same. Thanks


WTF are investment files. Do you mean the positions of an account, or asset allocations?

HappyFly, I think you need to provide a little more background on what the position entails (Title/Function etc). If it is in record keeping or even an analyst role, then I would presume these are the files related to underwritten deals that need constant monitoring for amendments etc… Again, thats a hunch based on how it works in the credit analyst roles in our organization. One idea would be to actually ask them what this means in your interview.

I think you should find out what it means _BEFORE_ you go in person. It might be something you’re not even interested in.

sounds like a run of the mill compliance statement. i wouldnt make too much of it

anyone of u tried googling ??

It sounds like maintaining of key documents which is crappy