Previous Exams: Justify response with "one reason"

might be a stupid question, but the questions usually say give one answer, or give two reasons why… compare this to the answer key that always has multiple reasons supporting the answer. If we give 3 reasons, will the marker stop reading after the 1st answer (ie. meaning we should pick the best answer). I’d find it so hard to just give one answer if there’s clearly several.

you don’t get three tries to answer the question. I think if it asks for one reason then just give one reason.

actually i’m just reading secret sauce… “if part A asks u to list and describe three characteristics, and it is worth six points, then assume you will get one point each for naming the characteristic and one piont each for the description. Another guideline is to write one sentence for each minute the question is worth”

Give your best answers first. Stalla says that if you give three answers and they asked for two, your first two had better be right. If one of the first two is wrong, you don’t get credit for the fact that the third one is right. If #3 is wrong, then you lucked out that you got #1 and #2 right, because they stop after two reasons.

From everything I’ve heard, they will only give you a correct mark for the first answer you write, but if you put more than one answer in, and the later ones are incorrect they will dock you marks, so if your first answer is correct, you could end up with a net zero. That’s just what I’ve heard. I have no idea if it’s true. JoeyD would be the best to ask on this.

I’m surprised this hasn’t come up yet on the forum (at least not that i’ve seen) very important to know going in, especially with what babbu is saying about “net zero” if you’re wrong later down after initially being right. haha…even on exams its important to know when to stop talking.

Actually I already asked this question a while back and was answered definitively that they only look at the first answer and ignore the rest of them.

My strategy is to write down what I can think of quickly, decide which 2 of the four I’m most certain about then cross the other ones out and expand on the two I chose. For me, this seems to work for stuff like Behavioural Finance, where 15 answers all seem to be correct at first. But what you want is the best answer that fits the situation, not ones that could fit, sort of.

^ me too. take your time on the morning section! its easy to rush and then screw yourself up by answering the wrong question.

My big concern is what is “one” justification. From 2007 AM: “Jack likes to be presented with facts rather than generalities, and he is always interested in discussing articles about investing.” Is the above 1 or 2 reasons for Methodical?