Price/volume alerts

I need to find a system that I can create a watch list of stocks and/or bonds and be alerted in real time to large price changes or unusual volume (per my own definitions). Rating/outlook changes on bonds would be helpful as well. I’m disappointed that our custodian (hint: one of the big ones for RIAs) doesn’t offer any such feature. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


I think RediPlus or gr8trade had that kind of feature. It has been a while so I do not even know if those still exist.

Won’t Medved’s QuoteTracker do that?

ChadD Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Won’t Medved’s QuoteTracker do that? I’d have to input my username and password for my personal account at our custodian. I don’t think I want to put that into a 3rd party program. RediPlus or gr8trade look promising.

RediPlus - sounds like you can only get this if you are executing trades through their desk. Our single custodian arrangement makes it cost prohibitive to trade away. Their sales guy is getting back to me. gr8trade – this is a proprietary system that the company does not license out.

You can try using Wealth-Lab.