Prime Brokerage - What is it?

I have an IT - Programmer Analyst interview with the GSS Prime Brokerage department tomorrow. Could you let me know what a prime brokerage department of an IBanking firm does? They say - I will be interviewed for the Hedge Fund Administration sub-division and I really have no wind of what’s going to be thrown at me. Please suggest and thanks for your help as always.

wikipedia it.

Prime brokerages are intermediaries between one party and brokers that they trade with. For instance, let’s say I trade with 5 brokers but I want all my trades to be consolidated in one account. I can get a prime broker to consolidate and clear all the trades from these 5 brokers, so my trades with all 5 brokers will appear in the single prime brokerage account.

swaptiongamma, e-mail bannisja

swaptiongamm - PB is division of banks that usually work with Hedge Funds to provide credit / liquidity among other things…