Principal of RIA/Rep of BD - Series 7, I guess?

If I’m starting up an RIA and taking over a few brokered 401k accounts for which I must be a rep of a broker-dealer to collect commissions or fees, what would a good BD to use? I would need zero support. I am in TN. Then, is there some way that my RIA could partner with a BD to make the RIA the entity that receives/earns the income? I would rather everything flow through my firm, as opposed to me for the broker relationships and the RIA for the remainder. Any insight would be great. Me experience is wholly on the independent RIA side of the business.

Our RIA uses UNX and UBS for most equity trades. We receive soft dollar contributions from them likewise. I think that would give you somewhere to begin. I’m not too familiy with the entire B/D and RIA relationship. Let me know if you have other questions though.