Print or e-Book only?

Anyone just doing only the ebooks?

I did the e-books this year and they are awful. I thought they were very slow to load and cumbersome to navigate. I would strongly suggest the print version

I did “E-Books only” for level I and level II. If you have an Ipad, I say go for it. It was very nice to only have to carry around an ipad instead of a large CFA book. I also set up a binder where I kept print outs of all EOC questions and my hand written notes. If you download the content to both your ipad and the PC then there are no issues with slow loading like the user above mentioned. This system has worked well for me.

The number one advantage to the E-book is it is searchable. I can’t tell you how many times in the last few days of studying a concept would pop into my head that I needed to review but could not remember exactly where it came from. It is very easy to punch in the key word and find every instance that subject is in the material.

It may only save several minutes, but the stress of not being able to find that one particular problem or sentence you remember seeing 3 months ago can be very high a few days before the test. The paper book index just won’t be specific enough to help you find everything.

I used only ebooks on ipad for level 2 last June. I find it convenient and it was definitely easier making notes on my computer. Would be doing the same thing again for level 3.

Though if you do not own an ipad, the print version would be highly recommended.

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I print the Curriculm to PDF creator and then crop them and put them on my Kindle DX. Takes a whole day to do but its nice not to have to read off an LCD screen or carry around Text books.

Registration opened at 9am today. FYI

eBooks and print both.

I liked print when I had enough time to sit down and bury my head in the books for hours, in a quiet room.

eBooks worked better when I had only a few minutes (e.g. break from my fulltime job) and wanted to sneak in a page or two worth of reading.

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