print q-bank questions/answers?

Considering purchase of q-bank for next month before exam. However, not huge fan of staring at the screen to take questions after i’ve been looking at it all day at work. Is it fairly easy to print off questions and answers as opposed to having to be logged into their system? Any other options such as Stella that are more conducive to obtaining paper questions/practice exams? Thanks, John

Hi, printing of questions is absolutely easy. The best way is if you print out the test, answer all the questions, later type back the correct answers into the system to get the score. Consequently you can print out the questions with your answers and the correct answers. However the drawback is that you consume a substantial amount of paper (about 30 pages for a 120-questions test + even more pages when you print out the questions with correct answers and explanations).

This is a viable alternative to studying on the screen, although one of the benefits of doing it online is the interaction with the individual LOS statements built right into qbank. It’s really an excellent feature to work with as you plwo through problems.