Printable Flashcards for L3

A fellow brother in arms and loyal study partner made these. I found them helpful, maybe some of you will as well. Test out printing to see what works best.

Incredible, thanks!

Happy to help. These work really well for review. I would still suggest making some of your own in areas that aren’t clicking right away, throwing them out and repeating until they do. Can’t stress practicing written questions from day one enough. Good luck!!

Gotham, are they for 2015 or 2016???

These were created for the 2014 exam. I used them for the 2015 exam. The curriculum hasn’t changed dramatically enough to worry (obvioulsy MHO). I found them to be an incredibly useful resource.

My question to you would be - how the hell would someone be done woth 2016 flashcards already!? LOL! I also say I found them to be useful and passed the exam. Watch out for context clues such as this during the AM session.

Best of luck!!

Thanks for sharing these.

Does anybody know how to print theme correctly. Thanks

in correct way?

Halla, Baloo2013. I’m fairly certain that simple two-sided printing works. Unfortunately, since we printed them a long time ago, I’m not 100% sure.

thank you GothamSenator

when I print the document, the issue I am facing is following:

e.g. assume I print Study Session 14 Riskmanagement: the frst question is Five Steps in the Risk Management Porcess however the answer to this one appears on the second page which is fine but not first coloumn but under the second cloumn

certainly takes a little skill, I have less than that. (I have an A4 non-duplex printer.)

  1. I downloaded the ZIP file from the link

  2. I opened the pdf files with nitro reader.

  3. from the print menu I printed ‘all odd pages’ (prints come out print side up)

  4. taking the stack of printed paper, reversed the order.

  5. put the stack print side up into the paper tray.

  6. then printed ‘all even pages’.

hey-presto note cards! well they are not perfect. I can’t cut them into A6 because some of the text overruns, so I cut them by hand with scisssors and they are rather odd sizes… but I’m not complaining they seem pretty succinct notes.

my guess is to do a good job you need to start with the .tex files and use some other tool…

^Thanks for the assist!! Apologies they’re not perfect team, but I think they’re a solid start.