Printing CFAi curriculum off VitalSource

Hello all - for L1 & L2 I’ve only used the CFAi curriculum. I’ve never bought the actual paperback texts - I’ve always just printed each reading off the VitalSource website. Around May of 2019 (while studying for L2), a watermark began printing across each page, and the pictures / graphs would be cut off and distorted. VitalSource support suggested I change browsers, computers, clear cookies etc., which helped for a little while. But now that I’m starting to study for L3, it keeps printing this irritating watermark and messing with the figures. I’ve tried both printing from the website and downloaded program (on a Mac) with no luck. I’ve tried reaching out to support but I’m definitely getting the run-around.

Has anyone else had this program - with this annoying watermark - or should I just eat the $200 and buy the physical books? Thanks guys!

My best experience read Curriculum on VitalSource is when i read it on my ipad pro 2nd gen (wi-fi only) using IKEA stand

need to print that bluebox ? just print screen it and Air Drop to your Macbook

don’t forget to laminate that Bluebox, so you can put on your bathroom.

Check candidate resources on your CFAI profile. I think there is now a pdf option that prints?

Thanks! Didn’t know this was an option.

I think it’s not. For L3 the only option is still VitalSource.

Printing is a nightmare, practically impossible. Or at least impossible to use the end product. I bought only the online version, too to spare money, but regretted it, it really hurt my eyes to look at the screen so much.

Had I known for sure I would pass this June (so no need to spend money on this for the next year) I would have bought the paper version.

There is a section under candidate resources that reads “ downloadable curriculum” and it states that the pdf versions are formatted for print. Didn’t notice this in level 1 or 2 so may be new this year

for some important blue box i am using my i pad pro-> annotated with apple pencil> print screen it -> air drop to my mac book.

print it and laminating it with plastic so make my mood is good whenever i read them.