Printing from e-books

As I opted for e-books only and I tried printing few pages and it is like regular hard copy except that the fonts very small and difficult to read. Further the print quality is light. Is there any way to print a brighter copy with bigger fonts. In anybody had done this please let me know. Many Thanks

Looks like none of the forum members had tried printing the e-book. When somebody tries printing please respond to my query. Many Thanks

Read this thread. It seems like it is bad for everyone. I tired everything to print clean copies of the EOC’s but they are almost unreadable.,1194920

I made my own ebooks every year because I couldn’t stand not having a rapid way to search the material and cross reference topics. Take your hard copy books to kinkos and have the binding cut off, each page scanned, and the pages hole punched and put in binders (that way you can still read them). Make sure to tell them to scan each page at the maximum resolution possible and that you don’t care about big files. Once you get your PDF files of the books, run OCR Text Recognition in Adobe Acrobat (this is why you need hi res scans), save the PDF as separate books (or combine them into one big file for easiest searching) and you’re done.

I want to take a crack at this. I can print those e-books.

Guys, I have already purchased and read through the hard copy books and but I am interested in purchasing the eBook to review concepts during the “downtime” in work. However, my corporate laptop does not allow me to install any software and I as far as I know the Vitalsource is heavy and akward to see it online… I would like to know whether I would be able to convert the eBook to pdf (maybe through a pdf printer?) so that I can transfer it to my business laptop… Thanks!