Printing the CFAI Mock

Hey guys. Is there a way to print the mock or the practice questions off of the CFA website? I’ve been trying to figure that out and couldn’t find a print option. Could anyone please guide me towards a link maybe? Or can we not print the questions to begin with? Thanks in advance!

They provide 2015 mocks in PDF format. It’s below online practice section.

Still cannot find it.

Any ideas guys?

On the CFA website, it’s in the candidate resources. PDFs for AM and PM. Finally.

Still cannot find it.

Anyone know how I can print the CFAI assessments? Those are pretty handy.

Once you go into ‘Candidate Resources,’ look under ‘Tools.’ There, you’ll not only find ‘Online Practice Tests’ but ‘Your mock exam PDFs’ if you scroll down just a teensy bit. Hope that helps.

It’s here , in the red circle.