Printouts of Qbank questions used on past exam

Is it legal to sell these? Somebody has asked me for my Qbank questions (I had them all printed out before doing them by hand). I know it is legal to sell the books and cds (as long as you don’t photocopy)—plus there’s plenty on ebay. Not sure if same applies here or if there’s any copyright infringement.

According to a post not too long ago this would be copyright infringement, which is illegal, and therefore an ethics violation.

books and cds are allowed though?

As long as you paid for them I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

yea i did pay for them so my rationale with books and cds was that i used them, theyre my property, and i can sell them since they belonged to me. why do you think its any different with the questions printouts? theyres questions in the schweser books too. its not as if im making photocopies and distributing them–i’m giving up my copy forever.

Because you’re making money off of someone else’s work while still retaining the original. It would be like buying a new music cd and selling copies to your friends while keeping your copy. Why would selling the original material be illegal?

not retaining the original. printout of questions was done while studying for exam. access has been disabled since i no longer use schweser. all i have left is the printouts of questions i did. that’s what i’m giving away, and i’m not keeping any copy, as there’s only one copy. does that change it, chuckrox8?