Prior advice I got here proved to be helpful - Have a question about another

I recently had a phone interview for a job that I wasn’t really interested in (fund of funds consulting at a small firm) with the managing director and it didn’t go well. I knew it was a rejection when I got off the phone and I never heard back since the phone interview about 1.5 weeks ago.

The company posted a new job yesterday and this opening is within the same group but it is more aligned with my career goals. I haven’t applied yet and I’m guessing that this same managing director will be screening resumes. I had a poor interview with her so it might be an auto-rejection when she comes across my resume again.

I’m thinking about emailing her expressing interest in this new opening instead of the one I interviewed for. What is the best way to frame this email towards an interview? The fund of funds consulting that I already interviewed for stresses more consultative/interpersonal skills, but this new opening stresses analytical and quantitative skills where I have more strength in and does more investment research type work.

apply online nad dont worry about it. do not email that person and clarify. juss reapply

I have had phone interviews where I thought I did horribly result in 2nd round interviews. I’ve also had great ones where I didn’t get a call back. Don’t reject yourself. Let them do that.

Unless you did something REALLY BAD that made the person not like you, I would email the MD to follow up, then mention that you saw another opening and would like to be considered.

Unless this is a huge firm with HR in a different office, I imagine applying to another position before you’ve heard back would be a little weird. You said you’re supposed to have interpersonal skills in consulting, so show that you do by reaching out and contacting the MD. Maybe you will redeem yourself.