Prior Mock exams


Could anyone give some light with prior mock exams in order to practice for the real level II in June?

I mean, I have done ´13 and now working on the ´12… But is it worth to practice with the 2010 and 2011 or it has changed significantly?


By the way any errata from those… would be welcome :wink:

Its already 15 mins since the original post … and vickycool still hasnt asked FIB …“How much he scored in the 2013 mock” … hope everything is fine

^haha - at least he has moved on from “how much are you scoring in schweser q-bank” to “how much did you score in the mocks”.


He behaves as if there is just 1 CFA Level 2 Passing Certificate (if anything like that exists) out there and he has to better each and every poster on AF on each and every mock to get that … something similar to a WWE Royal Rumble

Ha ha ha true

I have the same question. Do you have short list of changes in years 2010 - 2012?

I’ll simply try to do every question, uless there are some concepts I haven’t heard of. Maybe it’s better to treat 2010 and 2011 mocks more as a practise rather than as an official mocks. These are served better by 2012 and 2013 versions.

I took it yesterday. it helps but I’m worried the material changed so I don’t want to ovderstress that mock exam. esp for econ, pensions and alternatives. how did you do on it? it was hard, I got in the 60s :frowning:

better not do so far back at 2010 and 2011, those are outdated materials that have been updated, especially Pension Accounting

Agree on that!