Prior Year Exams

Hi All,

I was wondering how many past exams you guys are planning to do?

Thank you

I’m planning to do at least the past three years (2015-2017). I wonder how many everyone else plans to do.

I am going to do 2010-2017. Not necessarily under exam like conditions. I want to see as many AM questions as possible before exam day.

Targeting three, and revising stuff from here on (have forgotten so much!). I guess nothing beats knowing the material cold.

What’s a good % target for the am exam?

I believe the simple answer is do as many as you can. However, be careful about trading off time to do an old exam, vs. strengthening a weak area of yours. In other words, if you are struggling with some area of Fixed Income, there’s probably more to gain from reviewing the Fixed Income curriculum than attempting to do the 2009 AM mock (after you’ve done 2010 - 2017 mocks).

Personally, I question the value of going beyond 2015’s test. The material changed quite a bit from '14 to '15. Some of the EOC questions in the current books are structured similar to what we’ll be seeing in the AM portion, so I would look at the EOCs if you end up short on time.

Three is very little to be honest. Even if you’re not going to do 8+ you should do lots of specific types of problems like IPS calculation questions and this is the best source of practice material you’ve got

I plan on doing 2012-2017 so 6 total. I did 2012 casually to learn the question style. I did 2013 today in a 3 hour exam setting. I’m doing 2016 tomorrow as part of a mock exam (along with 2018 AM MC questions from CFAI). I’ll do 2014 probably next weekend, 2015 the weekend of the 9th and 2017 as part of another mock the weekend of the 16th.

Its gonna be a painful few weeks. :frowning:

Are there any relevant Fixed income AM questions at all for this year`s exam?

I have the same question as well. Although IFT marks some past FI questions as relevant, but I noticed that they are different than what the current readings are focusing on.

Value is - a “Fitness training”. More exams you do at home under real time pressure and similar to real exam other conditions = more better you’ll be prepared. But, feel free to not trust me.

Done 2013-2016

Still have 2007-2012, 2017

So much fun I almost can’t take it

actually. i find past papers more fun than EOCs. no long winded questions/ paragraphs.

My advice /Make a fancy spreadsheet with ATH, ATL, median result cell, median minutes spent, a progress line chart. Consider that as a game. Then practice and practice more seeking to beat your previous ATH result. This is the way to make it funny and yet you have a progress evidence.

Started doing mocks now, did 2015 yesterday and 2016 today. Will be doing as many mocks as I can until exam date.

It’s really valuable, not just learning the material better but also practicing handwriting again and trying to be as concise as possible in your answers to save time.