Prison Overcrowding and Sentencing Revision

TL;DR: Man sentenced to 20 years for three robberies, actually spends longer in prison for probation violation (possession of marijuana) than the robberies. Commits kidnapping + robbery two months after release.

Can we go ahead and legalize recreational marijuana so there’s room for real criminals to serve out their sentences? FFS.

On the other hand, if finance doesn’t work out for me, there appears to be plenty of job security in law enforcement.

Prison itself is a useless institution, there should be only fines and executions, character doesn’t change because the person gets locked for years, and the whole “pay for the crimes” is the biggest BS ever, I once had my phone stolen and they could lock the perp for thousands of years but I would still be the one that is paying to replace the phone

But criminals tend to be poor - they will not be able to pay the fines. That would leave execution as the only option.

I do think that punishment can be administered in more diverse ways though. Like Singapore style caning, public shaming, or No Fap.

It is just a guess, but I say that poor communities would benefit from not having their youth in contact with excons

Other than the fact that it keeps a lot of serious criminals off the street (particularly repeat offenders) while helping me sleep better at night, I totally agree.


Yeah, hmmm poor people with no money given fines they can’t and won’t pay as the only recourse for burglaries, theft, stealing a car etc? Sounds like a legit deterrent… :confused:

So if they can’t pay the fine what, you execute them for stealing some TV’s? Lord knows you can’t lock them up.

Basically those too poor to pay and too rich to care will have little incentive to obey any low to mid tier laws.

I think prisoners should be forced to produce a tangible product or good to society.

Yeah and get all of the THC offenders out of there.

Or we could reform our prisons so they focus on rehabilitation, and decriminalize drug shit, for a start.

Yeah Portugal decriminalized drug issues and just sent them to rehab - it seemed to work.

^ +1