Private Banking

What would be an entry level position in the private banking division of a major Canadian Bank? Any ideas as to what to expect in an interview? Thanks

Entry-level position would entail growing deposits, loans, and investments (typically coordinated through some type of planning process) through outside business development efforts, cross-selling existing clients, and working with your internal business partners for referrals. Target market client would generally be a high income earner or somebody that has a significant amount of wealth. Entry-level Private Bankers are typically dealing with more emerging wealth clients than established wealth clients, due to their lack of experience. Interviewer will first determine whether or not you are good fit based on appearance and communication skills. Next, they will try to get a sense for your breadth of contacts to determine whether or not you are linked into the right group of people. Lastly, they will assess your academic qualifications and professional skill set to see if you have the background to adequately engage in a meaningful financial-oriented conversation with the bank’s clients/prospects or his/her attorney or accountant. Hope this helps. Good luck. BOM?

Very helpful - Thank you. BNS actually.