private censure

On a question I was doing it was found that ‘private censure’ is a possible disciplinary action from the CFA institute in enforcing code and standards. What does ‘private censure’ mean? Are they going to have someone watch me and censor me when I say something bad against the CFA?

I think it means if you screw up, it is a private matter and it will not be broadcasted or made available for public viewing: Unless it was something really bad!

that doesn’t seem like a disciplinary action. I would want that if I did something embarrassing and unethical. Take a look. 2.3 Sanctions. Sanctions include the following actions: (a) Private Censure. The least severe sanction, pri- vate censure may be announced publicly, as defined in Rule 2.5, but such announcement shall exclude the Covered Person’s name or other specifically identifying information.

you’re right. thanks.

The deal is that if you write past times up, CFA offers you voiding of your exam and private censure. The censure is just a letter telling you that you were bad. You just throw it away. If you fight and lose, they give you a public censure. You will almost always lose.