Private Equity-/investment professional seeking to return to Central/Southeastern Europe - please advise

Hello, I am a PE/VC and investment professional with nearly 18 years of experience, economist (MSc, MBA). Experience mostly in cleantech, climate tech, some food and materials, regional development in Western Europe. Currently working in small mountain town in the Alps. Job was originally based in big financial center in Northwestern Europe, but our CEO decided to move our company to a very remote location, far from all LPs and target- and portfolio companies. It is so small that everyone would know my employer, if I would post the town/region.

My colleagues have already left for family reasons (their families don’t want to live in this remote location).

I would like to return to Central- or Southeastern Europe. I would like to keep working in the PE/VC field or in asset management. I have experience in sustainable/impact investment (ca. 10 years).

Any suggestions/advice on how to make this career transition best? Which VC/PE firms might be a good fit? Thank you.