Private Equity --- Too long ?

Hi Folks, Does anyone feels too long reading for Private Equity ? Any suggestion/tips for preparation ? Even Schwsner material looks too big. Any tips will be appericiated. -Thanks

That appendix is a bitch.

PE is rough, brutal formulas

it’s lengthy, but considering alts is a guarantee for 5% of the test- compared to let’s say PM or quant or econ, I still think even with this huge PE reading, it’s going to be the easiest of the “smaller” topics to nail come exam day. Maybe that’s just my personal preference. But alts- you learn the CFAT/ERAT real estate type stuff, the new PE calcs with PRE, POST, INV, etc… commodities I haven’t read yet but it looks short, and then hedge funds is more qualitative little things to just memorize. all in all, for 6 valuable points on the test, team AF should crush this section.

^ Sounds good to me banni, I like reading about PE anyway. . .

I agree it was extremely long. I read through the allen resources notes and skimmed the CFAI text and did the problems at the end of the book. I’d feel better if I had more sample problems at the calculations to ensure I really understand it.

It is long, but so am I.

you are long ?

I was long at 10 and then sold 3 out of my positions by 12. Some money to buy Schweser Secret Sauce to avoid this long painful read.

What is PE covering at L2 this year? It was short in L2 last year, but I thought there used to be significant PE materials at L3 based on level outlines I had seen. Now that I am actually at L3, there doesn’t seem to be much PE at all. Maybe they’ve moved it to L2 this year in which case we at L3 this year miss it entirely. Damn.