Private equity

I totally bombed the private equity set. Does anybody remember choosing investment C for the first question and B for the second?

I am with You on C and B

C and A.

I just know you want high hurdle rates, low management fees, payout based on total return, etc.

C for investors and A for annual clawback

i think i went with C and A first one had lowest carried interest, same management fees, or vice versa second one had deal-by-deal clawback or something idk

annual clawback right? not end of fund clawback

C&A sounds familiar

Right you want clawback to be reconciled as often as possible.

annual clawback, highest hurdle, and lowest management fee…

yes, the annual or deal by deal clawback better. .75 dpi 12% i -1’d that one what else was there?

oh well, i guessed both and got 1 right… can’t complain

was one answer px multiples here?

RVPI important or not for LPs Valuation metrics for VC firms

or replacement costs?


.75 dpi? damn i said 45/70 ~0.64

i put GP’s/LP’s self value for the last one but not sure about that one.

IRR was -14%, correct? It was still early days for the Fund they hadn’t yet paid much out yet. thoughts?

ebitda wasn’t on the PE set.