Private Investment Advisory

Hi Guys, I’d appreciate if anyone can comment on the prospects of joining an Investment Advisory start-up company. The company is relatively new (<6 months) and has set 3 offices - 1 in US, 1 in Asia and 1 in Latin America. Total staff is 5 people combined. They aim to service High Net Worth individuals and Corporations by providing them services such as Global Invesments/Portfolio Mgmt, FX Hedging and M&A advisory. I have been on the Buy Side for 2 years but I have not heard or have any knowledge of this realm. Any comments/advise would help… Thanks

I think the firm goes tit$ up by month 7.

Would this be similar to the Wealth Mgmt units of major banks ?

I think you should google these 5 people before you join. If they look legitimately well connected, then it might work.

If they are a startup then they have to build a book of business and compete against the million or so other firms that also want to service HNW clients. I’m with BOMC. Tit$ up in 7 months.