Private Messaging is Back

Good news. Private messaging has returned to AF. To send and view messages to other members, please go to My Account > Messages.


sweet. now can you make it such that when a link is clicked, the site opens in a new page?


I hope that this doesn’t mean the demise of “Yo somebody!” threads in the Water Cooler.

nah, he said in another thread that he was done here

He still posts. You can’t just leave here cold.

Right click, Open Link in New Tab.

yea im not retarded but much easier to click and open in new window

Do we get some kind of alert when we receive a message, or do I have to go to “My Account” to look?

Press “ctrl+click”…that should open a new tab…at least on chrome.

does this mean that all the 'please send the last 10 years of mock exams to’_posts will cease?

Is this the first step towards building a market place for AF points that will soon eclipse BitCoin?

When is the AF IPO?

Ticker: HKSW

So are people just PMing now and not discussing out in public?

Pretty mu . . .

Sorry. Just got a PM. Hold on. Back in a moment.

Where was I? Oh, yes: pretty much.

ha you pretty much get thousands now lol

I agree with Kanuck. I hope the Yo threads that don’t require privacy remain public.

Whoa. Not only does it send you a PM, but it sends an e-mail to your “real” email address so you know to check your PM.

LOL nice

Cool feature, thanks Chad.