(Private Real Estate) A lower the discount rate -> higher Return on Equity, how?

Just did a EOC question 8 form Private Real Estate chapter, it states using a mortgage on property #1 would most likely result in earning: a higher return on euqity.

The answer says: the quoted mortgage interest rate is: 5.75% which is less than the discount rate of 7.25%.

How does the lower rate connect with the higher RETURN on EUQITY?

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The less interest you pay, the more money you keep in your pocket.

If my funding cost of a proyect is lower than the required rate of return (discount rate) on it, then I will gain the spread between

re - rd x (1-t)

re = required return on equity (discount rate)

rd = cost of debt before tax

This is one of the reasons why people take debt. Another is lack of money.

Just want to confirm.

the lower the interest -> higher Net Income ->higher return on equity while we assume the equity stays the same, is this correct?

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Thank you both of you!

You’re welcome.