Private Wealth Management

I am interested in equity research and trying to put my resume together. During 2002-2003 I was enrolled as a visiting student at a university and simultaneously completed a one-year training program with MS in PWM. I was very turned off by the experience and leave it off of my resume (the education accounts for the time block). However, I am unsure whether this is the right decision. I have completed two advanced degrees at very prestigious universities since leaving MS and have performed very well academically. I am nonetheless still worried about the “stink” that such a position confers upon a candidate for more analytically oriented finance positions. I know the first thing that pops into my mind when someone tells me they are in PWM or an FA and it isn’t good (I may have just been exposed to a very incompetent group of used car salesmen which has biased my opinion to the negative). What do you guys think?

From what I have heard the PWM group at MS is a bit more “salesy” than a lot of other banks. I am doing PWM for a top ten Wealth Manager right now, and the PMs spend more of their time managing client relationships than selling. We have a dedicated sales force that is expected to bring in most of the new business. That being said, I am also looking for a position in ER right now and am having trouble getting interviews. Part of this is the job market, part of it probably has to do with my experience. I only have Level 1 CFA under my belt so that isn’t going to help too much either. I would list the experience though. At the very least it shows that you have had some experience working with the financial markets and since it was only a one year program, I don’t think you will be pigeonholed. Especially if you are just coming out of school now.

MT327 - thanks for the advice.