Private wealth mgmt: investment strategy

why equity collor would not require the sale of the stock?

what is outright sale and completion portfolio?

how private exchange fund could create an opportunity to borrow against the stock without creating the additional risks associated with leverage? how does it regain exposure to potential upside price movement? Thanks.

collar you own the underlying and buy put and sell call (premiums off-set in zero-cost collar) - no diversification benefits, just ‘locks’ in a range so you dont gain or lose much money

if you dont know what an outright sale is then you have some major problems

equity collar just involves buying a put and selling a call on your underlying.

Isn’t collar subjected to Constructive Sale provision by Tax authorities, probably if we locked in a real narrow range (less than 15% fluctuation?)


both collars and hedging are subject to CC

Variable Prepaid Forward: it’s a collar + loan in SS16.

Is this consistent with what is in SS04?


Just buying insurance on the underlying.