Private Wealth Mgmt.

This might be the most god awful boring topic I have ever had to read.

It’s almost a surreal experience trying to stay focused on it after you are about half way through.

I couldn’t agree more. I am almost through with reading 21, and seriously struggling to keep from losing my mind.

It’s heavily theoretical - and like the Markowitz’ s frontier stuff which ends up succumbing to behavioural finance - I’m sure you all know what will likely become of (the use of) the topic after the charter…

wyantjs . That’s what i said 2 month ago. But now( after i almost finished the material ) i can tell you that all level 3 topics is very boring except ( derivative ) so prepare your self to the worst :). God with us on level 3 :frowning:

I’m really stuck up with SS 4, reading 16… Because i have NO clue about US tax laws… can someone suggest me a good webpage/ internet tutorial to begin with? Thx!

i work in this field so it would be easy for me. I am opposite you guys, I much prefer the theory vs. technicla/numerical type questions any day!!

I’m with IH8FSA… this is just dandy stuff by me. Not exactly rocket science and it won’t keep you awake, but I’ll take this over any quant section thus far.

Oh… and on a more relevant note… For me at least, I’ve found that going back and reading the LOS at the beginning of the reading once or twice or more during a section is quite helpful. Not only for what it helps you to focus upon, but just as importantly, for what it allows you to ignore!

I certainly agree that it’s boring (I’m 40% through now) but I certainly think it’s possible to score a decent amount of points on this section with a good number of practice. It’s easy to know what they’re going to ask.

Holy crap, mcpass is way head of me. I have to get on my horse.

I plan to start this weekend? Did you guys use Schweser or CFA book for this topic? Thanks