Prize - Juicy Hamburger! Total No of LoS in level 2?

roll up roll up



i dont know the answer myself - but 120 out of 500 is less than a quarter of course tested…

I happened to have a pdf page printed out from Stalla showing new, changed and deleted LOS for 2009. Their LOS count is 500 on the nose. So, that leaves me with 2 things: 1) 120 questions from about 500 LOS is definitely part of the challenge of this exam. We have all spent numerous hours on material that won’t be on the exam. Let’s hope we choose our time wisely. 2)Can I have cheese on my hamburger?

Oh good, so only 120 out of 500 means they won’t have time to test us on Treynor Black or adjusting between real and nominal free cash flow. that’s good news… 380 less things to worry about.

they’d probably do a question where you need to know 3 LOS before you can pick an option. e.g. Retard 1 says “bla”. Retard 2 says “bloo”. Retard 3 says “bleu”. How many retards are correct?