PRM anyone?

I am reading the handbook now. Hope to take first few levels before/on result date. Anyone interested?

Hell No!!! (good luck!)

i am doing the same chaucy1999…i am trying to pass all four exams tuill 31 august…i am reading hand book…but at times it seems so irritating and boring…plus i dont any idea about the exam question…are u planning to attempt papers in order??

There are only 2 levels if u have cfa…Why would you take all 4? Also anyone who wants to join PRMIA for free (great for resume)

To shuaps, I am planning to read them as I commute to work (1.5 hrs one-day). I don’t have any other time to spare now as I have been lagging behind of my day job quite a bit because of CFA preparation. I hope I have more time to spend in July. I am hoping to take at least level I and II, hopefully III in August. To PtrainerNY, I believe if you have the “charter”, you can skip the first two levels. To me, it takes about the same time because I am actually in technolgy right now and will have to get the charter AFTER I switch and work for some time. I am thinking about doing risk management after all the exams anyway so having some solid understanding about risk management tools will help. I like math myself soI found the handbook is quite interesting. Maybe I am crazy. :slight_smile: When reading the material, I feel it helps me understanding CFA material better by looking at different perspective.

I am planning to write the exam too…I am thinking of buying the kesdee eprm coach or the question banks…anyone else is planning to do the same?

I probably will use the dianose exam provided by Kesdee. I feel reading the handbook should be sufficient.

Did anyone buy the stuff from kesdee yet? I’m planning to buy it for exam 3, as exam 4 i should be good on my own.

PtrainerNY, I see you EVERYWHERE…whenever there’s any hint of a PRM discussion, LOL.

PTrainerNY, I haven’t. How do you feel the Handbook? I find that it is interesting since it is discussing similar materials like CFA but from very different angle. If you like to discuss more - don’t want to waste AF resource here, please send me e-mail at

I’m going to wait to see if I pass L3 and get the charter. If I do, then I’ll take the 2 levels of the PRM likely in Sept/Oct. If I fail L3, then I’ll wait on the PRM.