PRM Handbook enough

Hi all, Wondering if some of you can give me some input. Do you think the PRM handbook is enough to pass the PRM exam or are the suggested readings also needed?? Thanks all…

Anyone… with some relevant feedback …would appreciate it a lot

Passed exam 4 reading the cases 2x and using kesdee once. Now studying for exam 3… Kesdee is way too brief for exam 3 but seems good as a final review. The prm handbook for #3 seem interesting so reading it on the commute/at the beach isn’t that bad.

Thanks for posting this - I had the same question.

If I was you, Read the material once Read Kesdee once/do questions. Kesdee is cheap and very good.

If you are taking the PRM, what exam will you be taking first?

can we take two exams on one day?

Exam 3 is the real deal… You need to study a good portion for that.