PRM is it worth it, when you have CFA d-ion

I have CFA d-ion. Is there a value in getting PRM? What is the best study provider? I already got the book Risk Management Best Practicies

Are you Tom Clancey? I dont think i’ve seen more acronyms in a Mutual Fund book.

Papa Jones, (Top-10 MBA) > Papa Jones, [CFA + CAIA + FRM + PRM + CPA + CA + PMP]

Papa Jones, CFA, Wharton > Papa Jones, Wharton > Papa Jones, CFA, PRM

^ agreed! CFA(charter)+MBA(top-3) is the ultimate killer combination.

After the MBA and CFA the rest is a waste of time (for me certainly…and probably for most). I was thinking about doing the PRM in the past because having the CFA allows you to skip the first two levels (of four). I figured I could knock out L3 and L4 of the PRM in <50 hours. Nonetheless…why bother? Unless of course I wanted to do risk management (which I don’t). Put it this way: There is no job that a CFA+MBA won’t get me that a CFA+MBA+PRM/FRM/CAIA/ETC ETC will. Not to mention my opportunity cost of studying keeps going up and it’s no longer economical to study stuff that doesn’t pay off tangibly.