PRM - New Syllabus

Hi All,

First time posting so this seems like the place for a broad query. Has anyone experience of the new PRM syllabus? I’ve been looking into it of late, and the 4-part exam layout appealed to me (due to exam flexibility) but it’s now spread over two parts. I’ve done CIMA, a part-time MSc and CAIA at various points over the past 14 years or so - each quite relevant to what I was doing at the time. I’m in a senior investment oversight role now and would like to further my investment risk skills. I’ve a young family so need to be sure it’s worth the time and that passing is a realistic option. Massive hours and less than 50/50 chances of passing don’t really appeal at present! Any comments would be really welcome. thanks.

In order to avail PRM designation candidates are required to pass four exams. There is no fixed order of exams; you can either take all four exams on the same day or on different days/months. They can be taken in any order over a period of up to two years. This two year period will start from the date of the first successful PRM examination. One can take the exam for more than a two year period, but any exams passed more than two years in the past will need to be retaken.

So yes, it’s totally worth it and could help you increase your salary and judging by the fact that you can take the test however you want you will definitely benefit from it

Without prejudice and completely my pov:

I would never take an exam that gives handicap just because I have a CFA Charter. So PRM, CFP, CAIA all go out of the window.

I hope the above is indicative of the quality of course and the value of the certification thereof.

It’s not particularly, but thanks anyway Herbs.

Samlar: the blurb you pasted may be out of date. I believe there is no choice but for new applicants to take two exams under the new format. This is stated in my original post.