PRM or FRM to prepare for L3 after the great mock I took yesterday?

Got to say, the exam yesterday was a great mock for next year. My weakness I felt was Derivatives and Risk. Do you think taking either the FRM or PRM is worth it to better prepare for L3 next year or at the least to gain some knowledge? PRM is $390 (just cost of exams) FRM is $700 + $300 Books + annual fees?

I think FRM is very statistically based. I think it applies to more of an addition to Level’s 1 and 2 as opposed to Level 3. But I could be wrong. Have no idea about PRM. Yesterday morning was the worst beat down of my life. I almost went home with my tail between my legs. But I has to suck it up and go back for the PM. I finished the PM in 2 hours and 10 minutes. That was the biggest disparity between tests I have ever seen. I felt like an utter retard when I left for lunch.