PRM Risk Management Exams - 15%-30% Discount to Register

PRMIA Offers Special Discounts for Members to Catch up on Risk Management Studies The past year has been one of turmoil for many of our members, cutting into the availability of time and budget for professional studies. As the quieter months of July and August approach, PRMIA has decided to help you catch up on your studying, reading and exam preparation by offering special discounts on its most popular educational products and offerings. From June 18 – July 31, Free members of PRMIA will receive a 15% discount, and Full Sustaining members will receive an additional 15% discount off of the already discounted prices they receive on: · PRM exam vouchers · Associate PRM certificate vouchers · Online courses · PRM Handbook series - Professional Risk Managers’ Guide to Finance Theory and Application - Professional Risk Managers’ Guide to Financial Instruments - Professional Risk Managers’ Guide to Financial Markets - Mathematical Foundations of Risk Measurement - Risk Management Practices Discounts will be automatically applied when you place your order on the PRMIA website at

Do you know how to get off their mailing list? I have done everything, but still get spammed by them

GARP (FRM) is now sending me daily e-mails. At least PRM is weekly

Don’t you guys have filters deleting such e-mail directly? You can never stop spamming at the source.