Anyone taking the PRM exams?

I’m constantly on the fence. I am leaning towards PRM because it is more quant driven. At this point i’ll be taking a two exam FRM or a two exam PRM…by the time that happens, I hope there is some indication of a “winner” in the risk management field.

I was also caught between the FRM and PRM. But FRM seems to be the more popular one, seen one or two job postings that required FRM but nothing for PRM, also no Bionic Turtle or Schweser for PRM. PRM looked to be more flexible. In my case flexibility is not a good thing as it will only take me longer to finish.

Personally, I think interest in the FRM will drop once it goes to two levels. One of the main attractions (vs PRM and CFA) was that it was only one exam. Granted PRM is actually 4 exams, but you can take them whenever you want and also get an exemption from the first two. It would be interesting to see the recent growth rate in applicants for both FRM and PRM, of course discounting the anomalous growth in FRM this year due to the transition to two levels.

What is the “PRM” ?

AMC, Google is your friend. Here, I help you out this time.

Salz,Thank you so much ! But what is the current number of “PRM” ? Which is more popular ? Which is more creditworthy in financial industry ? There are so many credentials and I am much confused !

You didnt even read the website did you?I leave you to help us out with the rest of the questions you asked and post here when you find the answers :slight_smile: The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) is a non-profit professional association, governed by a Board of Directors directly elected by its global membership, of more than 60,997 members in 190 countries. PRMIA is represented globally by 65 chapters in major cities around the world, led by Regional Directors appointed by PRMIA’s Board. Hint: Re. Creditworthy, it was discussed someplace on this forum but not in its entirety.

Salz, I am very sorry that I did not read the website yet. It seems that PRM is not a bad choice. Anyway, thank you so much !

how many hours of preparation do you think needed to take PRM in one seating ? 6 months enough ? and does anybody know how much they are charging for their handbook ? I wish FRM was still a 1-level exam. I’m currently CFA Level 2 Candidate but have no experience in finance. Still a long way to getting chartered. Seems like PRM may be a faster door opener :p. I was thinking of ASA from SOA, unfortunately I can’t afford 10 exams + study manuals + 6 months waiting time + I’m already 26 *sigh*. FRM has the backing of Kaplan study guides. but I think I can live with PRM handbook. 1360 pages is not too scary.

hey cfacowtown …congrats for passing CFA L1 . when will you be taking PRM ? I really wanted to take as well but I cannot bear Paper II (Mathematics) . Now that you are done with CFA L1 I hope you would be around here with more quant /derivatives discussion

Hey Factor Hedge, Long time buddy. PRM is not in my immediate time frame. I was looking to finish it in the same year as L3, so im a couple years out before a risk management designation even starts to hold any value professionally or even from an educational standpoint. Just where I am personally. Good luck with your studies.

agree !! all the best , for me I have to pull through this one before I try for GMAT and applications for MSc finance next year and yeah CFA will be there too . All the best , be around